The Best Exercises You've
Never Heard Of...

These highly-targeted new exercises will
practically FORCE your body to quickly
gain new muscle mass and strength
with no more effort than you're
putting in right now.

I've been training for a long time (more than 20 years) and I've seen it happen time and again:
the moment I start sharing these laser-beam targeted exercises with a trainer who's been stuck in a training rut, it's like a lightbulb flashes on! Their enthusiasm for working out comes back and they start getting results again (growing like a weed and building strength like crazy) like when they first started training. It's happened with countless people that I've helped and I can promise that it will happen with you.

I'm so eager to share this stuff with you! I'm really excited about the amazing gains you're going to make when you use these exercises. You see, the key to making continuous progress in weight training is change and that is exactly what these exercises are going to do for you!

These new exercises will:

  • provide a new growth stimulus for your muscles, which will help you make gains without any more effort than you're putting in right now on your current exercises and programs.

  • increase your strength in other conventional exercises. You could potentially add 50 pounds or more to your bench press simply by adding in one of the new exercises that I'm going to show you.

  • help you blast through plateaus quickly and easily. No more ruts. No more stalled progress. You'll have the knowledge you need to blow through them like they weren't even there.

  • work muscles you didn't even know you had. These underworked, underdeveloped muscles are often the key to unlocking gains that are just not possible with conventional exercises.

  • help you develop a more complete physique by working all your muscles from many different angles. I don't care if you're male or female, you'll turn heads wherever you go!

  • prevent staleness and boredom and send your motivation sky high. You'll not only look forward to going to the gym to use these exercises, your energy levels will be through the roof! Nothing gives you that spark to train like feeling your muscles rapidly responding and growing like a dry sponge dropped in a glass of water.

Here is just a small sample of a few of the 53 unique exercises you're going to master...


  • Learn three extremely rare versions of the barbell deadlift that will build your lower back and abs so tight and strong, your core will be practically bulletproof. And not only do these exercises work your back, the beautiful thing is, when you go back to regular deadlifts, your grip will be so strong you won't ever need to use straps again!

  • The Deltoid muscles of your shoulders thrive on continuous tension. Ordinary dumbell presses don't provide this continuous tension. This little-known variation of the dumbell shoulder press (it was a favorite of the late, great trainer Vince Gironda) can nearly double the tension you place on your delts for the same amount of reps. In fact, you may even find you can do more reps with the same weight you would normally do for shoulder presses when doing this exercise. Double the tension for more reps? Picture the results you'll get from that!

  • I have developed a breakthrough calf exercise that can be done anywhere with only your bodyweight yet will still torch your calves more than you can imagine.

    Here's how it works: For the most complete contraction of the calf muscle possible, you must take it through its full anatomical range of motion under tension. No calf exercise I've ever encountered did this so I took all my biomechanical and anatomical knowledge and all my exercise experience and applied it to this problem.

    And let me just tell you, it works. The incredible exercise I will teach you starts off with a huge stretch that is far beyond any calf exercise you've ever done, takes you through the full standard range of motion of the calf, then finishes with a full contraction that must be felt to be believed! All under continuous tension. And that's only the first rep!

There are exercises in this book that you
simply won't find ANYWHERE else...

Let me put it this way...Read through a bodybuilding magazine cover to cover and you'll find maybe a few articles containing information you don't already know. Maybe you'll learn one new exercise. Maybe you'll learn a trick or two for an exercise you already know. Maybe you won't learn anything new at all.

"The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of" contains 53 exercises. Even if you already know a few of them, you'll not only get a ton more exercises that you don't yet know, you'll also get tips and tricks for making the ones you already do know even more effective!

Soon you'll become the "gym-guru" that everybody turns to when they want new and powerful exercise information to shatter their plateaus (trust happens ALL the time :).

And remember that feeling you had the very first time you worked out? That feeling of not being exactly sure of what you're doing? Gone forever. YOU will be the one the newcomers (and everybody else!) looks up to.

  • I'm a personal trainer in Montreal and it's been a while since I learned new exercises. You really applied biomechanical principles to the max: good job. A few will become staple exercises in my programs for my clients and myself. Thanks a lot! - Carl Juneau

  • "LOVE this book!! I have already had some friends order a copy. All of us feel like we should send you additional $$$ for the ideas. Not only am I looking forward to the results I know I'll be getting, but it's been kind of fun getting stares from other gym goers who are obviously wondering 'what the heck I am doing'." - Patrick Albanese

  • "I thought I had seen it all until your book. Some great exercises, and long forgotten techniques have put a new zip on my routine." - Kevin Grzeniak, New Jersey

  • "I found it so helpful I canceled my sports club membership. I no longer pay $45.00 a month. What a savings!! I am now exercising at home and at work. Your book is a never-ending resource guide for many different exercises." - S. Faulkner

  • "I find your book excellent. After more than 30 years in this sport, I found in your book plenty of new ideas. I like especially the detailed way you are explaining the exercises and also the 'tricks' you give. Thanks a lot!" - Ewald Kooiman


Your ebooks will be available for download
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The Best Abdominal Exercises
You've Never Heard Of...

If you've got the desire, these
exercises will ensure you...

  • Develop six-pack abs that pop out and make a washboard look like a chalkboard
  • Tighten your waist to wasp-like proportions
  • Flatten your stomach in areas where regular crunches totally fail (lower belly bulge)
  • Develop astonishing core strength, rock-solid stability and explosive power
  • Tighten the muscles under your love handles to make those bulges practically disappear
  • Target your hard-to-reach lower abs with pinpoint, guided-missile precision
  • Get great abs, even if you don't have any training equipment at all!
  • Use every moment of your ab workout to maximum efficiency, cutting your workout time to a fraction of what it was before, with stunning results!


So when you think of abdominal exercises, what are the first exercises that pop into your head?

Crunches? Sit-ups? Leg raises?

These exercises are okay but, as Rick found out, they can only take your abdominal muscles so far. To really maximize your abdominal development, power and core strength (not to mention get a flat stomach!), you need exercises that ATTACK your abs! You need to not only apply effective tension to the abs, but you also need to hit them from every conceivable angle to achieve that truly remarkable, eye-catching midsection that you and I both know you're capable of.

Think of it this many directions can you move your torso and legs? Quite a few! And all of these movements originate in the muscles of your core. Those who say the abs can only move in one direction are TOTALLY missing the boat when it comes to maximizing abdominal development. The abdominal area is far more complex than a single simple movement like the crunch or the leg raise can sum up.

You see, doing only crunches and leg raises for your ab routine is like building a house without a strong foundation or support beams. It may look good on the outside but when you try to really use it, it's going to fall apart!

I don't know about you, but I don't want abs that look good on the outside but crumble like a house of cards when I do a heavy squat. I want the six pack AND the rock-solid core strength and stability to back it up. I want my abs to BE as strong as they look!

This is a picture of me to the right, the purpose of which is to show you that I practice what I preach. I am NOT the kind of trainer who is going to hide behind the computer and tell you stuff that I don't do myself.

The ab exercises that I use in my own training are the same ones I'm going to share with you today...


And if your dream has been to get a truly
flat stomach
but you've been doing
crunches for years without results,
I've got a secret to tell you...

It's a secret that most professional personal trainers don't even know...crunches WON'T flatten your stomach! If you want to know more about this, keep reading because below I'm going to tell you exactly what WILL flatten your stomach and why.

This secret will shock you because it makes such perfect sense once you learn it, yet almost NO personal trainer can tell it to you. It's not that they don't know what they're doing, it's just that they've been taught the same information that you've been getting...that crunches are supposed to flatten the stomach.

In fact, if you're a personal trainer reading this right now, this information is going to change forever how you approach abdominal training with your clients. You'll be able to guarantee a tighter waist where everybody and everything else has failed. This will instantly set you apart from every other trainer in your area. You'll know how to get rid of the "pooch" stomach and lower belly bulge, even on clients with low bodyfat.

As a bonus, strong abdominal core strength also has the ability to reduce and even eliminate lower back pain. You'll build your entire core area so strong, it'll be like you're walking around with your own natural back-brace all day long. Once you experience the power of good, solid core-training, you'll never go back to plain old crunches ever again.

It's time to take off the training wheels and take your abs to the next level...

  • Target the core support muscles that are CRITICAL when doing squats, deadlifts, and literally ALL exercises where your body is supporting free weight. And not only will this exercise build up your supporting power, it will also teach you how to use your abs at the bottom of the squat and deadlift to actually INSTANTLY increase the amount of weight you can lift. With regular use of this exercise, your abs will help you rocket up weights you were struggling with until very recently! Your abs will NEVER be a weak link in your training ever again!

    All you have to do is hold a barbell in top of the curl position then squat (don't support it on your shoulders like a front squat - just in your hands). It's BRUTAL but VERY effective.



  • You'll learn an amazing cable exercise that targets the extreme lower abs that NOTHING else can directly hit. This exercise sends the tension directly there to help tighten up and minimize the lower-ab "pooch" area that is so much trouble for so many people. If you desire that lower-ab "V" taper line that looks so good, this exercise is perfect for you.

  • target and tighten the "love handle" areas directly. Traditional side bend exercises will build up the muscles underneath the love handle area. NOT what we want! This actually pushes the fat pockets out and makes the area look bigger! The exercise you will learn relies on forcing an extremely hard contraction in the area, tightening it up and making it smaller, not adding mass to it and making it bigger.


You will be training like a pro the moment you open this e-Book with plenty of "no-brains-required" exercise descriptions, pictures and videos.

I'm a personal trainer by trade and I know exactly how to teach exercises so my clients learn them as quickly and efficiently as possible. I've put all my teaching and writing skills into explaining and demonstrating these exercises so you won't have any problems learning the exercises at all.

  • I've made sure that every exercise description is very detailed and easy to understand. You'll always know exactly what you're doing through every stage of each movement.

  • Exercise photos will guide you in proper form to help you get more effective tension out of each and every rep.

  • I've included large, full color exercise videos to show you exactly how a number of these exercises are performed.

  • You'll learn the common errors seen with each exercise so you know exactly how to avoid them. It's like having your own personal trainer (me) standing beside you while you're doing the exercises! You just can't go wrong.

  • You'll get a ton of incredible tricks for making these already-effective exercises even more effective, kicking your gains into overdrive!

  • Every single exercise is accompanied by a printer-friendly version. You can print out each exercise and can take it to the gym with you so you'll do each exercise right every time.

Your ebooks will be available for download
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The Best Arm Exercises You've
Never Heard Of...

So I'm going to keep this short and to the point.

That's a picture of ME to the right.

"Great! Who cares! How does that get me great arms?" I can hear you saying right now... :)

And that's my point exactly with the exercises in this book!

It doesn't matter how long I've been training or how educated I am...what really matters is that I have arm exercises that will get you RESULTS and get 'em for you FAST.

I've got exercises that will develop incredible
biceps on you that will drop jaws at 20 paces

Check these out...

  • If you've ever had difficulty building your biceps, you'll appreciate this exercise. It's a variation of the pull-up that, when you add in the simple adjustment that I've come up with, throws 90% of the muscle-building tension of the pull-up onto your biceps. You'll never have a problem building your biceps again! Imagine the results you'll get from a bicep exercise done using almost your ENTIRE BODYWEIGHT!
  • Now it's time for a unique version of the barbell curl that will hit your biceps extremely hard! It very strongly targets the lower aspect of the biceps, very similar to a Preacher Curl but without a preacher bench. I call the Incline Seated Barbell Curl and it looks like this...

  • The cable curl is an excellent exercise but I know a way to do it that puts such a massive stretch on your biceps that you can nearly feel your fibers tearing. Putting a great deal of tension on the muscle in its most stretched position has been shown to greatly increase muscle growth. In fact, laboratory tests on cats have shown that under these conditions of tension and stretch, muscle hyperplasia (muscle fiber splitting) can occur. This means more muscle fibers!

    We can't necessarily, of course, generalize these results to humans, but once you've felt the intensity of the stretch and tension you'll get from this exercise, you may start meowing and looking for a saucer of warm milk. I will walk you through the technique I use to put such a potent stretch on my biceps that I barely have the strength to scratch my nose when I'm done with it.


And exercises that will build rock-solid,
sleeve-bursting triceps...

  • To demonstrate the power of this exercise for building your triceps, straighten your arms out tightly and try to force them behind your back as far as possible. Feel the squeeze on your triceps? This is the most highly contracted position the triceps can get into. Now imagine adding 100 lbs of resistance to your triceps in that position! The contraction you feel will be the most intense you've ever felt in your triceps (possibly in any muscle) in your life.

    How is this done? I'll give you a hint. You use the pec-deck.

  • As I've said before, bodyweight exercises activate more muscle fibers than traditional weight exercises. The problem for advanced trainers can be in finding movements that are challenging enough to spur muscle growth. Not only is this stretch-position exercise for your triceps as challenging as you want it to be, it can be done pretty much anywhere. By simply adjusting your body position it can be easy enough for a total beginner or hard enough to challenge an Olympic-caliber athlete.

  • And if you're ready for a pushdown-style exercise that will work your triceps from top to bottom, keeping tension on the whole way through, have I got one for you. All it takes is an incline bench and pulley and you're set. Check it out...


Now here's the thing...

...and you'll probably wonder why the heck I'm telling you this when I'm talking about a book that's nothing but arm exercises...

I just want to be straight up with you.

Direct arm work (like the exercises in this book) on it's own WON'T build the most massive arms on you...

But direct arm work WILL help you maximize your arm size potential, especially when done in conjunction with heavy presses, rows, deadlifts, etc.

And, it'll DEFINITELY help you get arms that LOOK bigger and stronger, too...not just like a big gob of meat.

Training the big exercises like bench and rows is really no secret but it's something that seems often-forgetten when it comes to building arms. You NEED that heavy "big exercise" training to maximally stimulate growth in the arm muscles. There's no getting around it.

But if you want REALLY great arms...the kind of arms that literally scare children when they ask you to "make a muscle" (talking from personal experience there ;)...

Direct arm work is a MUST.


If you're a female, in order to get those spectacular, head-turning arms you want, you NEED to do direct arm work with RESISTANCE...

And by resistance, I DON'T mean those pink 2 lb dumbells that you see in fitness classes...the ones you can scratch your nose with in the middle of a set...

You need to use weights that CHALLENGE your muscles, just like a man's. Because using very light resistance for very high reps is just NOT going to get you the arms you WANT.

And I can PROMISE you, even when using heavy resistance, you WILL NOT get huge arms.

I always say, I only wish I could gain muscle as fast as many women worry that they will the instant they touch a weight :) It's just not going to happen - you don't the hormonal equipment (i.e. testosterone) to develop monster arms.

And let's face it...

Arm training is just plain FUN... :)

Your ebooks will be available for download
immediately after purchase!

The Best Chest Exercises You've
Never Heard Of...

You need the RIGHT exercises that target the chest like GUIDED MISSILES, delivering the tension right where you need it and in the most efficient manner possible (which is CRITICAL, especially if you're a "hardgainer" with limited recovery resources).

These new chest exercises will:

provide a new growth stimulus for your pecs, which will help you make gains without any more effort than you're putting in right now on your current exercises and programs.
increase your strength in other conventional exercises. You could potentially add 30 pounds or more to your regular bench press simply by working in a few of the strength-and-connective tissue targeted exercises I've got in the book.
help you blast through plateaus quickly and easily. No more ruts. No more stalled progress. You'll have the knowledge you need to blow through them like they weren't even there. Has your bench been stuck at 225 lbs or 300 lbs for years? You'll blow through that in a matter of WEEKS.
help you develop a more complete physique by working your chest from many different angles. I don't care if you're male or female, you WILL turn heads wherever you go!

prevent staleness and boredom and send your motivation sky high!

You'll not only look forward to going to the gym to use these exercises, your energy levels will be through the roof! Nothing gives you that spark to train like feeling your muscles rapidly responding and growing like a dry sponge dropped in a glass of water.

And let's face it...

There's a reason Monday is always "chest day" in most gyms...

For most people (guys AND gals!), chest training is a BIG priority...


So here's the bottom're going to get the
entire "Best Exercises" series along with ALL
the bonuses offered with these books when
you get this package now!


Grab Your Copies of ENTIRE "Best Exercises" Series Now for just $130 $65.00!

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